#2. Children’s Novels – Harry Potter and the… [World Book Day Countdown]

Shock horror, stop press! Yes it’s true, I haven’t put Harry Potter as number one! In fact, I’ve put all seven of them at number two! ‘Why?’ I hear you cry.

Am I mad? Stupid? Illiterate? All of the above?

Well, I have my reasons. And hopefully you’ll stick around until tomorrow to find out why. I wasn’t a big fan of Harry when it first came out. The early films, in my opinion, were far better than the books. The later books were superior to the films. If everything had been perfect, it would have undoubtedly been number one.

I don’t think I need to tell you what the story is about do I? Good! I have to admit that Harry was a massive influence on my own writing, but so was book number one. And so, here it sits, as a string number two in my list.

So, what is at number one, you ask. Come and see me tomorrow, and I’ll tell you!



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