#2. Picture Books – Where’s My Teddy [World Book Day Countdown]

In at number 2 in the Picture Book ranking it’s Where’s My Teddy by Stephanie Stahl (writer, anyone have a link?) and Gail Yerrill (illustrator, @gail99art) – there are a few other Where’s My Teddy books out there, as you might expect, but this is the specific one I’m referring to: Where’s My Teddy on Amazon

The reason this is so high up, compared to other more famous books, is the impact it has had on our household. This has been a staple of bedtime for as long as I can remember… over the past three years anyway.

Bedtime for Lilly Mouse, but she can’t possibly go to bed before she’s searched the entire house (and garden) for her missing Teddy. And there you have the perfect reason for inserting over fifty lift-up flaps into a children’s picture book.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it all works out for poor little Lilly Mouse just in case you were panicking. If you have young children, I can highly recommend this book!



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